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"Honey Chicken Wings" is the first choice of our customers. Chicken wings baked with hi-quality honey, it tastes great!



Chicken Wings


Stewed with Italian wine for 3 hours, the sirloin is really tender , the sauce retains the sweetness of blackcurrant unique to red wine. Beef tongue lovers must try.


OX Tongue in Red Wine

Sauce served with Spaghetti


Frozen fruity tea with sweet peach flesh. The after taste of peach fragrance is long lasting, giving off a sweet peach aroma.



Peach Tea





   Bread, which occupy important place in our daily life. When we were kids, we have usually ate Hong Kong Style Sausage Roll for filling my stomach. Then we grow up, we would like to pursuit of bread’s different texture or patterns. How deep do you know about bread? Bread contains many categories: Whole wheat bread contains more fiber, vitamins and minerals, but has high glycemic index. Whole grain bread is rich in carbohydrates, protein, unsaturated fats, three types of fiber, and because of the addition of grain, its glycemic index is lower. Medical research has pointed out that eating bread at dinner time can make it easier to sleep at night. During the digestion of bread, tryptophan will be retained and finally turned into hydroxytryptophan, which can help to improve sleep. However, eating too much bread can also lead to obesity, everyone must pay attention to this!

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euro go go is a European Light Cuisine. We offer an extensive range of delicious food & beverage to our customer in Modern European style.

   When we were young, we were so easy to be happy. But now, we always frown for different troubles in daily, forget to stay innocent. The coming Christmas, come to do some things to regain the innocence. Try to place the Christmas tree at home, look for some beautiful and delicate decorations! Christmas decoration can also be spread throughout your house to immerse in a festive atmosphere. We can sincerely invite our friends to be guests to your home, hold a Christmas party and put all gifts under the tree. Also, you should put on Christmas costumes together to feel the joy of Christmas! Then, hung a Christmas stocking on the bed and wait for your "Santa". Maybe you will gain a surprise! Even if you grow up, you should try your best to focus on innocence and happiness.



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